If you can think it we CanDo! it!

You know your business. We are degreed in listening and fluent with information management.

Working with you, we design a tailor-made program to help your company succeed. We pay close attention to what you want as we develop your software to mirror your business processes. Focusing on ease of use, efficiency, organization, and productivity, we’ll have you operating your unique system within weeks.


Our award-winning teachers can demystify your computer.

With over 30 years of FileMaker experience, we can assist you in developing programs tailored to your specific needs. Or we CanDo! the programming for you.


We also provide computer training to make life and learning easier.

With over 30 years of experience in education (accumulating awards for outstanding teaching) we have developed distinctive teaching styles that escalate learning. Students respond well to our rapport and techniques. Options include individual, small group, onsite, and classroom sessions.

CanDo!’s founder has been in the computer world for a very long time.


Because Lucy Kaplan was an innovative Math and Science teacher, when computers hit the scene, she was selected to spearhead some of the first computer laboratories to pervade Chicago Public Schools in the mid 1970s. Through a National Science Foundation Grant offered to teachers in the late 70s, she was introduced to one of the first generations of personal computers (accompanied by tape players – pre-diskettes). Captivated by their tremendous potential, she learned programming and explored multiple avenues of available software to furnish those computer labs and spark others’ creativity.

Among the many software packages purchased for her first privately owned computer (computers cost over $3,500 in the mid 80s) two have withstood the trials of time. To this day, FileMaker and QuarkXPress still remain award-winning industry standards.

If you’re ready to unleash the power within your computer, and become more effective & efficient… CanDo!

If you want to upgrade or enhance your existing database system… CanDo!

If you would like to stop using multiple applications and consolidate your info… CanDo!


We provide professional services to a variety of companies, organizations, and individuals all over the world.

Our concentration is mainly on software development, but are often requested to furnish computer training. Desktop publishing is also in CanDo!’s skill set.


Having over 30 years of experience and a solid foundation in Education

CanDo! is well adapted to teach individuals and groups more about their computers. Whether illuminating high-level applications or instructing basic fundamentals, CanDo!’s students are often amazed by their enjoyment, proficiency, and how well they retain what was presented.


Central to the pulse of all businesses is information management.

We have been called on to create (or modify) electronic frameworks for divergent industries’ data.

If you can think it, together we CanDo! it!

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